Rounding Throwing online instructions

Introduction to rounding throwing procedures:

  1. Stand in front of Chenghuang deities then recite your name and address silently.
  2. Ask about your concerns or worries with sincerity, e.g. , career, health, marriage.
  3. (Be sure to include specific details. For example. Is it a good idea to buy the house at a certain address in a certain city? Should I change my work to Kaohsiung or Tainan?)

  4. 請抽籤 Draw a lot: shake the lots container and ask Chenghuang deities to give a lot number.
  5. Burn incense with the lot.
  6. 擲茭確認 Throw rounding to make sure it is the right lot.
  7. Be sure to throw 3 “Good” rounding continuously, so you can get the correct oracle.
  8. Hold cup This Means “Good”
    Smile cup This Means “ No”
    Close cup This Means “ No”
    If it shows “No” during the process, it means the lot is not for you. Please redraw a lot and repeat step 3.

  9. You can print your lot online to dispel doubts. Welcome to visit Chiayi Chenghuang Temple personally whenever you have a chance.

For computer platforms:desktop, tablet, and mobile,Include iphone and android system.

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